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SoftTech’s solutions for the build phase of the construction lifecycle provide an advanced blend of intelligent applications, revolutionizing traditional construction practices. Through AI-driven automation and smart tools for project management, budgeting, material procurement, contractor management, and real-time monitoring, our integrated approach ensures seamless digital workflows, accelerates project completion, and maximizes efficiency, leading to substantial time and cost savings.

Build solutions for public infrastructure projects

Streamline your public infrastructure projects with Softtech’s leading solutions designed to automate every aspect of the build cycle. Our comprehensive tools empower government agencies to efficiently manage projects, reduce cost overruns, and accelerate project completion.
Build solutions for public infrastructure projects
End-to-End Project Management
End-to-End project management

From initiation to completion, our platform provides seamless project management capabilities, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

Projects Budgeting & Costing
Projects budgeting & costing

Accurately estimate project costs and create effective budgets to optimize financial resources and minimize overspending.

AI-Driven Material Planning & Procurement
AI-driven material planning & procurement

Leverage AI technology to intelligently plan and procure building materials, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost savings.

Centralized Tenders, Bids & Contractors Management
Centralized tenders, bids, and contractors management

Simplify the tendering process and manage bids and contractors centrally, streamlining project procurement.

AI-Driven CostTime Overruns Prevention
AI-driven cost/time overruns prevention

Identify potential cost and time overruns early with AI-driven predictive analytics, allowing for proactive mitigation measures.

Real-Time Project Monitoring
Real-time project monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into project progress, enabling proactive decision-making and efficient resource allocation.

Action-Ready Intelligence and Insights
Action-ready intelligence and insights

Access actionable intelligence and insights to make informed decisions and optimize project performance.

Building Permitting
GIS integration

Seamlessly integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) data into your projects for enhanced spatial analysis and planning.


Paper-free and centralized  management of all public projects

Up to 30%

Increase in efficiency for infrastructure projects


Faster projects completion


Average cost reduction

Build solutions for builders, general contractors, specialist contractors, and turnkey contractors

Empower your construction projects with Softtech’s comprehensive solutions tailored for builders and developers. Our integrated platform provides the tools and insights needed to manage projects efficiently, increase profitability, and deliver superior results. It’s more than just an ERP for construction – we provide an all-in-one platform that enables you to intelligently manage every aspect of the construction business.
Build solutions for builders and developers
Effortless Construction Management
Effortless construction management

Transform your project management approach with our comprehensive solution that consolidates all project data and workflows, ensuring seamless coordination across all projects and locations.

Unprecedented Insight into Every Project
Unprecedented insights into every project

Achieve unparalleled visibility into the progress and performance of all your construction projects, empowering you to make informed decisions and plan resources effectively.

Power of BIM and AI for Optimal Resource Allocation
Power of BIM and AI for optimal resource allocation

Leverage our cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) and AI technology to intelligently allocate resources, optimizing efficiency and enhancing project outcomes.

Smart Cost Optimization & Budgeting
Smart cost optimization and budgeting

Receive intelligent recommendations for cost optimization, enabling smart procurement decisions to minimize expenses and maximize profitability. Effectively manage bids & create accurate budgets to ensure projects stay within financial goals.

Built-In CRM
Built-In CRM

Effortlessly manage client relationships, streamline sales activities, simplify invoicing procedures, and manage client engagements with our integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

Streamline the management of your workforce and contractors, maximizing productivity and resource utilization throughout every project phase.
Workforce and contractors management

Streamline the management of your workforce and contractors, maximizing productivity and resource utilization throughout every project phase.

Centralized and Powerful Analytics
Centralized and powerful analytics

Harness the power of centralized analytics and reporting tools to monitor project performance and identify opportunities for enhancement to prevent cost and time overruns, while boosting profitability.

Automation with Team Collaboration
Automation with team collaboration

Boost productivity with end-to-end automation of the entire build lifecycle aided by AI-engine. Empower your teams to collaborate effectively from anywhere, anytime using any device.


Cost savings


Digitization of end-to-end  construction process


Faster projects completion


Average gain in productivity

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